Women's Fellowship

The NCBC Women also known as Women on Mission support all women in their efforts to be caring sisters in Christ through opportunities for Bible Study, fellowship, witnessing, discussions on local and world issues, and hands-on ministry projects and activities. Women on Mission, the WMU (Women Union Missionary) organization for women aged 18 and older, does these things with a focus on missions. Sisters Who Care is a WMU campaign to encourage African American women to fulfill the Great Commission.

Sisters Who Care/Women on Mission calls women to:

  • Pray for and give to missions
  • Engage in Mission Action and Witnessing
  • Learn about missions
  • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle

The advantage of Women on Mission is its twofold purpose of inreach for the women in the church and outreach to influence our world for Christ. Our greatest assets are a deep and abiding faith in God and love we have for one another. With Sister Who Care through Women on Mission we can pray, worship, work, share, laugh and play our way through all that life demands of us.