The Elders of New Creation Bible Church

Paul B. Jacks


New Creation Bible Church was planted July 12, 2001, under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Billy J. Bell, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Its name, New Creation Bible Church [NCBC], was chosen after continuous prayer followed by conformation from the Lord.

The church held its first service with twenty-eight members present at the home of Pastor and Mrs. Bell. These charter members were excited and honored to be co-laborers with Jesus Christ in the witnessing and disciple-making process.

"Building up the body of Christ by equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry." Ephesians 4:12

Erice L. Mack

Nursing Home Ministry

Johnny L. Taylor

Family Support Ministry

Bachelor of Arts Ministry & Leadership

Lawrence Miles

Prison Ministry

William H. Terrell, Jr.

Pastoral Care Ministry